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Are dogs allowed?

Are towels and linens included?

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Is the kitchen fully equiped?

It won’t make dinner for you, but almost! In your kitchen, you’ll find: a refrigerator, an induction cooktop, a small AirFryer-type oven, knives (that actually cut, which is a plus), all the necessary dishes and utensils for two people, and a dishwasher (otherwise, it wouldn’t be a vacation).

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What’s the distance between the parking and the domes?

Each dome has its own parking space, located directly in front of it. As the trail is quite steep and climate change has not yet put an end to our Quebec winters, we provide an alternative parking space for the cold season for our visitors who DO NOT have a 4×4 vehicle. The maximum distance between the winter parking and the domes is 200m.

Are there walkable trails at mi-clos?

Our land features a main trail that crosses the entire property. You can admire our forest of mature pines, our sugar maple grove and its sugar shack, our stream and our pond, as well as the endearing wildlife they shelter (which, however, does not belong to us). And if you walk with your dog (with a leash), please pickup behind her.

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Is the internet high speed? 

The WiFi signal in the domes varies between 10 and 100 megabits, which is generally considered high speed. It’s probably insufficient for hosting a 4-console online gaming tournament, but definitely perfect for streaming a movie while your significant other racks up likes on their favorite platform!

Can we watch the stars at mi-clos?

Since the view from your terrace is completely unobstructed and our immediate neighbor, the National Park, produces no light at night (except for a security light for airplanes at the top of the mountain), mi-clos is an exceptional place to contemplate the stars and intergalactic phenomena. We think that it is in our meadow where humans and extraterrestrials will one day meet… after all, the domes have that somewhat lunar quality, don’t they?

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How far are the ski slopes and lakes?

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Is it possible to observe wildlife on the property?

What kind of birds are present at mi-clos? 

Bird enthusiasts? You’re in for a treat! If you go for a walk in the forest very early in the morning, you might see our barred owls and other birds of prey. And if you visit in the spring, you will be richly rewarded! Our favorite ornithologist, Olivier Barden, has identified more than 70 species on the property.

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Do you have special offers or exclusivities?

Yes! We have occasional special offers, following our karma. If you want to know about them before everyone else, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Is there a private spa for each mi-clos dome? 

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Why have a shower before entering the spa?

Aha. THE question. We shower to avoid clogging the spa’s jets with moisturizing or sunscreen creams. Because a spa without jets is boring.

What kind of coffee machine is there?

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